Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Fact #2 I have a TON of for some reason people just give me nicknames! I have to keep up with them too, so here they are. Sassy Cassie, Sassy, Cassie (my real name is Cassandra), Cass, Lavern, Cass-a-Frass, Nohara Lewalla. I think thats about it. Some of them make sense and some of them are like.....?? where did that come from. haha

Today is my last day teaching some of the 6th graders at Lingle Middle School. This is my favorite day! Today is the day we get to wrap everything up and get the feedback from the kids! I will share some of the best cards with you on Monday! I am so glad it's almost the weekend! I am ready for some rest and relaxation (wait what am I talking about) I never slow down :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Fact about Cassie #1

I am really afraid of frogs....Why you ask? I have no stinking clue!! I know it is very irrational and super silly but I can't help it they scare me to death! And no kidding...they follow me :/ Someone help me get over this haha!

So this week I have gotten back in the classroom. And I absolutely love it! I am team teaching with my co-worker Ben and it has been really fun! 6th grade is so great :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Everyone is moving! Ok, that is an exaggeration but I feel like a lot of people that I am close with are all picking up and moving. :( It makes me so sad. I found out that last night (even though I knew it was coming) that my good friends are moving in a couple months. They have been talking about it for awhile but last night they told me it was official. So there goes another set of my best friends that are moving. In each instance, which as been 6 in one year, (That's right 6 of my close friends and their husbands have moved in the past year or so) I have had mixed emotions. I am happy for them and their new journey, excited to see what God is going to do in their lives. But I am also saddened by them leaving and not getting to see them on a regular basis anymore. So this post is to all my friends who have moved recently. I love you I am praying for you and I miss you! (Camie, Kimber and Adam, Whitney and Nate, Liesel and Cory, Eleanor and Ed, and now Chris and Leslie)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Well guys, I'm pretty much a slacker! I just can't seem to keep up with this ha! Anyways, God is great and has been doing some pretty great stuff.

Reality Check is wonderful as always. I started back in school last week and it was awesome! That is my favorite part of my job getting to pour time into students. Great stuff! We are having a fundraiser on November 6th. Dancing with the NWA Stars. It is going to be pretty great, The NWA stars are already practicing with their partners! Tickets are $50. You should go check it out on for more information. You can purchase tickets there or get a hold of me!

On other news one of bestest friends is buying house. Yay Nate and Whitney! I have been praying for them everyday for months. But God's timing is perfect. I can't wait to go and visit them again!

Also, I love that my friends are having babies. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! I have a blast loving on all of them....Aunt Cassie has a nice ring to it :)

God has been teaching me a lot and I have been growing. I am learning to be patient and wait on Him. Even though it can be hard sometimes He has everything in control!