Thursday, January 17, 2013

catch up

I have definitely been slacking in the blogging area this week. So I will just give you the highlights of what is going one with me :)

I went to the driving range last weekend since it was soo beautiful. I'm so glad I got my fix then because the weather this week has been so COLD!

I mentioned in an earlier post that my sister was cutting my hair. I'll admit I was a little nervous. But lets think about this she's still in school and still learning, so I defiantly had my reason. But WOW she did so good. I was so proud of her.

I got to serve with some of the amazing people in my ABF class. We were the last leg of the volunteers. They had people in and out helping all day long. We helped validate Compassion Kits. We made sure everything was in there that was needed and took out things that were not. Throughout the day this was done to 7,000+ and now they are ready to be shipped to India. This is such a great ministry if you haven't heard about please take the time to check it out.
This past Sunday I sang a song about heaven. It was such a beautiful song and my prayer was that people would be reached through it.  My friend Carmen was watching from home with her son and daughter. Is this not the cutest picture ever!


So one of the highlights of this week was I got in my very first car accident. Ha! Thankfully nobody was hurt, there was only minor damage to my car, and it wasn't my fault :) All and all this week has been a great one. Looking forward to the weekend though.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

sushi date

Last night I went to one of my favorite restaurants. Sushi King!! Most of my friends, for some strange reason, are not big fans of sushi. So when Haley suggested that we go there I said yes PLEASE. I might have been  was very excited. That evening I not only got my sushi fix I also got to spend some good time with a friend. It was one of those thing where you just talk and talk and don't even realize what time it is. I consider myself blessed to have the friendships that I have. I don't know how I got so blessed but I pretty much have the best friends ever. :) You know you've found a great friend when you can just talk and not worry about the other person taking things the wrong way. You can just be honest with them. That's what last night was! Looking forward to many more like that in future.

On a different note I booked my first hair appointment with my sister.  More on that later!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

weekend review

The weekend came and went so fast. I have gotten accustomed to 4 day weekends...which I think we should totally always have by the way.

Friday was pretty fun. Hanging out with friends and playing games. You can't really go wrong with that :) You might not know this about me but I am extremely competitive. Like BAD. I do have the privilege of saying that I won both games of Nerts that night (which if you haven't played you need to) Just call me the Nerts Queen ;)

And then I guess it really isn't a normal night until Beau goes and does something silly. Like eat a HUGE bowl of Chex with an ice cream scoop. haha

I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts about our Christmas program and how a great majority of our class stepped up and served :) We also got to watch the program that evening. And this boy is obsessed with watching "Jesus" all the time. I guess he could be watching worse things. Lets just say I have all the songs memorized now, even the ones that I didn't sing in haha.

So let me start off by saying that Wednesday night I made a purchase. I bought a set of golf clubs. Everyone was doing it so I thought I should too...but in all seriousness I had been thinking about it and saving money toward this purchase. So Saturday Beau, Andrew and I went to the driving range. And it was love at first sight.


It is very possible certain that I am addicted. Already. WHAT?!?!

Saturday night was spent with Nikki and Beka (who came into town) eating pizza, watching movies, and hanging out with Parker. Look at this can you not love him.

So our class did a little competition with Amazing Race. We have a point system...long story short I was one of the winners. Woot Woot!! The results of me winning was a free lunch on Sunday! Can't beat that. Did I mention that I was competitive?

And of course it was Sunday afternoon I didn't have to teach choir so what did I do. I went to the driving range...again. And I loved it. I can already feel myself getting better which just makes me want to pursue it even more. Ha!

And I ended the weekend with some more Nertz...that I won again. (was there any question?)  :) just saying! So here is to the first full work week in two weeks. I think I can I think I can I think I can.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

that was fast

It feels like Christmas and New Years has just flown by. Its already 2013...WHAT?? Christmas was a little different this year. For the first time we didn't go and visit my family in Texas. I missed going and spending time with my extended family. It was nice and relaxing to stay here though. We had a non traditional meal and had two of my guy friends over so they didn't have to spend Christmas on their own. It was different yes but great none the less. I even got to go to go to our church's Christmas Eve service! All and all I had a great Christmas with my family. So thankful and blessed.
 New Year's Eve Service with the Wolf Pack (Donnally Via phone)
 Christmas Day
The Saturday after Christmas I had the privilege of singing with Durgan in my friend Julie's wedding. It was such a beautiful wedding. I was so glad to be apart of it. Such a fun day and such a fun wedding. So happy for Dustin and Julie.
One of my favorite parts of break was going to see Les Miserables. I saw it twice in one weekend. Once with Nikki and once with Emily. I loved loved loved the movie! I might have even loved it more the second time around.

And of course what break would not be complete without a Disney movie with the bestie. So that is exactly what we did :) Pocahontas was on TV so we took advantage of that greatness!

I also got to bring in the New Year with this fun group of friends!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas With the Weavers

I have mentioned in my earlier posts that I spend many of my Tuesday evenings with my friends the Weavers. I just absolutely love our time together. We have such a nice evening eating dinner, playing with the kiddos and just really enjoying each other's company. Yesterday we exchanged Christmas gifts. I love that they know me so well. I got a book and my favorite game Quelf (that I now own!!) Side note: if you are looking for a fun game to play with your friends, get Quelf. You will be laughing for hours. Love it!

One of my favorite things to do is give gifts. I got Saul a dress up costume. He is just the cutest :)

I also got to get some cuddle time in with Audrey. She is really just the sweetest baby. Love her so much :)

I just realized that I got no pictures of me and Carmen and Andrew. I guess when you are surrounded by these cuties that you tend to forget about the adults. I am so blessed by this family and they mean so much to me. So thankful that I have them in my life!

Monday, December 17, 2012


The weekend for me started off pretty rough. I was so saddened about the shooting that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut. It just absolutely broke my heart. I cannot imagine what the family members of those who lost their lives that day felt. It made me cling to the fact that this horrible world is not my home. This weekend I counted my blessings, meditated on how thankful I was to be able to hug my mom and dad brother and sisters. My thoughts and prayers are with the families that lost daughters, sisters, brothers, sons, Mom's...

I actually ended up having a pretty nice weekend. I get off at 3 on Friday's and I got to spend the rest of the day hanging out with Parker. He's such a joy. Friday night consisted of game and Christmas movie night with friends. Frozen Hot Chocolate (which the boys did not understand ha!)  and then a sleepover with Jessica, Parker and Lori. Fun times :)

Saturday was sooo lazy. Jessica Parker and I laid around the whole morning/early afternoon. We didn't even eat lunch till 3:30. (one of those know what I'm talking about) And of course what Saturday would not be complete without some shopping :).

Sunday was our last performance at church. It went absolutely beautifully. I didn't make it through one service without crying. So thankful that God sent is only son to be born in a manger, live a sinless life, and crucified on the cross for  MY sins. And so blessed in knowing that Jesus rose from the dead and He lives! Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow :)

And of course the girls got together to watch one of our guilty pleasures. JP and Ashley's wedding. :) Looking forward to a great week ahead!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Story

This Sunday is going to be the third Christmas Program. Like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts. We are doing something a little different this year. We are telling the life of Jesus in three parts. Announcement/Arrival/Atonement. This week is Atonement. This week is probably one of the most drama heaving Sunday's. We will get to see Jesus grow up, witness the miracles that He performed in the bible, His death and resurrection. My ABF class is very involved with this. Such a blessing to serve the Lord alongside some of my favorite people. If you are local you can come see our program Sunday at FBC Rogers 9:00 and 10:15. You can also stream it live at those same time at Here are couple of teasers.

This is a clip from part of the miracles. My friend Alex plays the dead girl's dad. He does such a good job.

This is part of the song that my friend Beau sings. Jesus grows from a baby to an adult during this song. 


I couldn't resist putting a picture up of my three favorite Roman Soldiers :)
I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store this week. We have already had many salivations and many people wanting to join our church. God is good!