Wednesday, January 9, 2013

sushi date

Last night I went to one of my favorite restaurants. Sushi King!! Most of my friends, for some strange reason, are not big fans of sushi. So when Haley suggested that we go there I said yes PLEASE. I might have been  was very excited. That evening I not only got my sushi fix I also got to spend some good time with a friend. It was one of those thing where you just talk and talk and don't even realize what time it is. I consider myself blessed to have the friendships that I have. I don't know how I got so blessed but I pretty much have the best friends ever. :) You know you've found a great friend when you can just talk and not worry about the other person taking things the wrong way. You can just be honest with them. That's what last night was! Looking forward to many more like that in future.

On a different note I booked my first hair appointment with my sister.  More on that later!

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