Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Fact #2 I have a TON of for some reason people just give me nicknames! I have to keep up with them too, so here they are. Sassy Cassie, Sassy, Cassie (my real name is Cassandra), Cass, Lavern, Cass-a-Frass, Nohara Lewalla. I think thats about it. Some of them make sense and some of them are like.....?? where did that come from. haha

Today is my last day teaching some of the 6th graders at Lingle Middle School. This is my favorite day! Today is the day we get to wrap everything up and get the feedback from the kids! I will share some of the best cards with you on Monday! I am so glad it's almost the weekend! I am ready for some rest and relaxation (wait what am I talking about) I never slow down :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Fact about Cassie #1

I am really afraid of frogs....Why you ask? I have no stinking clue!! I know it is very irrational and super silly but I can't help it they scare me to death! And no kidding...they follow me :/ Someone help me get over this haha!

So this week I have gotten back in the classroom. And I absolutely love it! I am team teaching with my co-worker Ben and it has been really fun! 6th grade is so great :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Everyone is moving! Ok, that is an exaggeration but I feel like a lot of people that I am close with are all picking up and moving. :( It makes me so sad. I found out that last night (even though I knew it was coming) that my good friends are moving in a couple months. They have been talking about it for awhile but last night they told me it was official. So there goes another set of my best friends that are moving. In each instance, which as been 6 in one year, (That's right 6 of my close friends and their husbands have moved in the past year or so) I have had mixed emotions. I am happy for them and their new journey, excited to see what God is going to do in their lives. But I am also saddened by them leaving and not getting to see them on a regular basis anymore. So this post is to all my friends who have moved recently. I love you I am praying for you and I miss you! (Camie, Kimber and Adam, Whitney and Nate, Liesel and Cory, Eleanor and Ed, and now Chris and Leslie)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Well guys, I'm pretty much a slacker! I just can't seem to keep up with this ha! Anyways, God is great and has been doing some pretty great stuff.

Reality Check is wonderful as always. I started back in school last week and it was awesome! That is my favorite part of my job getting to pour time into students. Great stuff! We are having a fundraiser on November 6th. Dancing with the NWA Stars. It is going to be pretty great, The NWA stars are already practicing with their partners! Tickets are $50. You should go check it out on for more information. You can purchase tickets there or get a hold of me!

On other news one of bestest friends is buying house. Yay Nate and Whitney! I have been praying for them everyday for months. But God's timing is perfect. I can't wait to go and visit them again!

Also, I love that my friends are having babies. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! I have a blast loving on all of them....Aunt Cassie has a nice ring to it :)

God has been teaching me a lot and I have been growing. I am learning to be patient and wait on Him. Even though it can be hard sometimes He has everything in control!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This was good but crazy at the same time. I had the privilege of helping out with Mission Rogers. The 60+ students from FBC Rogers were awesome. They were spending the night at the church and getting up each morning and working all afternoon. They were doing different service projects all over are area. It was great. The crazy part for me was I was still having to get up early each morning and make it to work. Lets just say I was TIRED! It was totally worth it though. I helped out with one of our backyard bible clubs. There were decisions made and lots of seeds planted. All in all it was a great week! There were adventures and stories that came from the week (just ask me). Ok one of the fun parts is Stephanie and I found the DVD Darrin's Dance Grooves. Something we did when we were growing up! It brought back a lot of memories!

I also realized this week I am getting old! haha. I mean I am not old by all means but I grew up in such a different time then a lot of the youth. Just things like we are bring back this "old song" that "old song" was what was cool and just out when I was in youth haha! Or talking about tv shows that the girls have never seen...Really?? It was not all that long ago that I was in High School GEEZZ! It was funny seeing how much things have changed.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

We were listening to this song today at work today. Every time I hear this song it I almost cry. It makes me think about every boy and girl that I have taught whose life is ruled by their past. That is why I am so passionate about what I do. I have the students look at their future. And to the best of my ability and with the help of the Holy Spirit help them understand that they are worth more then what they have done. They are more valuable that what they may feel or what other people (including parents) have told them.

Through some of cards we have gotten in response to the class from the students, it is evident that in some cases we were the first adults in their life to show them that they are important and valuable. Reality Check is doing something great!

So anyone reading I want you to realize. You are MORE!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I don't even know where to begin! It has been so long since the last time I have posted anything. Life has been pretty wonderful :) One of the biggest things that has happened is I got a a new car! Yay me haha. Just in case you were wondering I named her the Hot Tamale!!

We are finally starting to get some warm weather and I am loving it. I have been able to wear sandals and flip flops..its wonderful. The trees are starting to bloom it is just so beautiful outside. I love this time of year. Every time I see those trees it just reminds me of what great God we serve. And He created every single thing!

Oh and just one more crazy thing that has happened since the last time I have brother turned 20....What??? Yeah I know my little brother is really not so little anymore. I am so proud of him and the person he has become. He has grown into such a man of God and strives to serve him everyday. He is also such a cutie if I may say so myself! One day he is going to make a woman very happy :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This week has brought to my attention how wonderful of a family I have! I am so thankful to have amazing godly parents, siblings who are not only my friends and wonderful to be around but who are also serving the Lord. And it doesn't even stop there....I have such great aunts and uncles and cousins who I consider some of my closest friends! I seriously could not ask for more.

While teaching in the schools I have gotten cards from students that say thank you for caring and helping me realize that I have worth and that I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to. When I get these cards it just makes my heart hurt. On one hand I am glad to know that I am impacting them but on the other hand its like where are their family? why are their families not letting them know that they have worth and potential and that they are important?

When I read these cards it really makes me realize just how blessed I am! So all my family that is reading this I love you and I am thankful for you.

(One side of my family is having a reunion this weekend and I so wish that I could be there with them :( but I hope that you guys have a blast! )

Monday, February 15, 2010

If you don't know I work for a non profit organization called Reality Check, Inc. we teach students truth, risk avoidance, healthy life skills, goal setting, and boundary setting. It is a great organization to work for and I am blessed to work here. One thing that we talk about with the students is abstinence. This is something very important that I myself have chosen as a path for my life. I have chosen Abstinence until marriage not only because it is medically the healthiest thing to do but also because that is what the Lord says in his word. This is one thing that "separates" me from the rest of the world. I have a lot of people tell me Oh my word you are 23 years old and you have not had sex yet! Like it is something shocking. For me this is something that I have chosen and I know that it is the best step for my life and for my future (relationships, marriage, family).

For this is the will of God, that you should be consecrated (separated and set apart for the pure and holy living): that you should abstain and shrink from all sexual vice, that each one of you should know how to posses (control manage) his own body in consecration (purity, separated from things profane) and honor, not [to be used] in the passion of lust like the heathen, who are ignorant of the true God and have no knowledge of His will. 1 Thessolonians 4:3-5 AMP

Shun immorality and all sexual looseness [flee from impurity in thought. word, or deed]. Any other sin which a man commits is one outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body. Do you not know that your body is the temple (the very sanctuary) of the Holy Spirit Who lives within you, Whom you have received [as a Gift] from God? You are not your own, you were bought with a price [purchased with a preciousness and paid for, made His own]. So then honor God and bring glory to Him in your body. 1Corinthians 6:28 AMP

Enough said right?!?! Each day I live for the Lord and as Christians we are suppose to live in the world but not be of the world. This is one of the ways that I am able to do that. Saving my sex for my marriage is very important to me and something that I feel very strongly about. This is why I take so much joy in working for Reality Check, Inc. Not only do I get to help kids set goals and make healthy life choices...I also get to teach them the importance of saving their sex for their marriage!

Friday, February 5, 2010

One of my friends brought to my attention that I have not blogged in awhile. And she is right. So here we go :)

I'm leaving in just a few hours to head to Yukon, Oklahoma! A few friends and I are traveling to OK to help out with a DNOW at Nate and Whitney's new church. I'm really excited!

So here is how the Lord has been working in my life this past week or so. SANCTIFICATION. I taught some girls this curriculum my friend Camie made (Modest is Hottest). Good stuff.
Sanctification - a process of ongoing change
toward being holy that begins when
you accept Christ and never stops.

He has been showing me that His whole master plan I have been searching for ia sanctification. Through my walk with the Lord this has probably been one of the hardest yet one of the best things! Sometimes it feels like I'm running in a marathon and it's never going to end. Sometimes it feels like I'm climbing Mount Everest. But this is what separates me from the word. Sanctification is what makes me different. :) I have joy in striving to be like Christ with the realization that its never going to happen because I am not perfect. But trying none the less.

It's not something that should come and go it is a process that is continually happening. It never stops and this is what is constantly exercising my faith. The best part is I don't have to go through this process on my own . My God is there helping me every step of the way! (how awesome is that)

The sanctification process requires prayer, His word, and self-discipline. He uses these things to tell me where the land mines are.

One other thing that I have been thinking about is how God disciplines those that He loves so that our views can be corrected and readjusted toward holiness! His goal isn't to make me happy (being happy is the world's view of a good life) God's goal is to make me holy.

Holy= distinct, set apart; different from
the sinful world around you; being
God's, like God.

People who are holy live in a continual state of joy. Are they happy all the I happy all the time...NO! But I am able to rejoice everyday because I am living for God and by God's word. Happiness that is based on things of this world comes and goes. The joy we get from the Lord is forever. The Lord wants us to be special to stand out and be different then the rest of the world. So my goal....sanctification.   


Thursday, January 21, 2010

One thing I have been thinking about a lot this week is WHEN THE HECK AM I GONNA GET MARRIED! haha But seriously. I was talking with one of my good friends the other day about how much we have the desire to be married. It can be hard sometimes seeing all my friends getting married and even having children. I mean don't get me wrong I am so excited for them and love them dearly but sometimes I just wonder...when is it gonna be my turn?

As I pray about it and talk to the Lord about it I realize that God has it all planned out. So here is me not "worrying" about it anymore. One day (and it could be next year or 15 years from now) we will find each other and it will be wonderful because it will be all in God's perfect timing :). I have learned over the last year or so to be content. And I have to say I am! Of course part of me is like PLEASE Lord let it be before I'm 30 haha but I'm ok if its later then that. I'm just gonna continue to grow in my relationship with the Lord and pray for my future husband daily!

Monday, January 18, 2010

So this weekend was such a great one :) I got to visit one of my very best friends Whitney McConathy. It was so fun to get to see her and hang out with her for a day. I have missed seeing her on a regular basis. I talk to her pretty often so we are all up to date on what is going on in our lives but it was good just to see her! Such a great time. I have some stories to tell.

Story #1: So we (me Kaylie and Whitney) decided that we would eat at the Cheesecake Factory! We get there, sit down, and then they give us the menus! was 20 pages long. Oh my goodness. So I'm a super indecisive person. The worst thing you can do is give me a a 20 page menu haha. I think it took us over 20 minutes to decide on something to eat! But it was all very yummy!

Story #2: So I admit it...and anyone who knows me knows that I have a huge obsession with shoes. I saw DSW and Whitney asked me what it was. I told her its only one of the best shoe stores on the planet!! She said well lets go I need some rain boots. I told her no. I told her it would not be good if I went in there....and it wasn't I bought two pairs of shoes (that I later had to confess to Jimmy). I had three in my hands but I was strong enough to put one back! My name is Cassie and I'm a shoeaholic!

Story #3: So I am directionally challenged! And as I was driving back from Tulsa I kind of went to Joplin :/....I know, I know, its really sad. So I basically took us way, way out of the way. It took us an extra hour and 15 min to get home! Sorry Kaylie

Story #4: While I was traveling through Bella Vista. I got pulled over by a cop. And I did better then I thought I would do...there was no crying!! It was pretty stupid too because I wasn't speeding or anything. What happened was a cop had stopped another car and then a second cop car went behind them. I was trying to get over to the left lane but couldn't, so I slowed down and just kept on going. And then looked back and the cop had his lights on behind me. Oh boy! So the reason he stopped me was because I didn't yield to the police officers on the side of the road. I politely told him that I tried to get over but I couldn't so I just slowed down and continued. I guess he saw that I had never been stopped before so he just let me go :) so I'm still ticket free!!

All those adventures happened one day! But it was all worth it. I love you Whitney and I'm so glad we got to meet up. Next months visit is going to be even better!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

So my eyes are starting to get better. They are not even close to looking normal but progress people, we have progress! And no...I am not turning into a vampire!! This week has been a good one so far. American Idol started on Tuesday and it was pretty sad how excited I got about that haha. This season is especially special to me because this summer I tried out for American Idol! I didn't get to see the judges but I did sing for producers twice. It was such an awesome experience that I got to spend with two of my best friends. So when Dallas auditions come up look for me!

So the verse that I have been focusing on this week is "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight." Proverbs 3:5-6 I have found this verse to be so challenging this week. I mean, do I trust in the Lord? Of course I do. But I realized that I also think I can do a lot of things on my own. There are times, more then I would like, where I don't even call out to the Lord to help me because I feel I have it all under control. And the fact of the matter is I don't. I don't want control I want the Lord to have complete and total control of every situation and every decision. There is no going wrong with that! And like one of my friends said earlier this week we need to lose control . I mean we see all these books talking about take control of your life. It makes it all about you. And they make you think it's all up to you to turn you life around....WAY OFF!! So something that I'm working on is losing control and giving it all to God. EVERYTHING.


Monday, January 11, 2010

So I enjoyed my extra time off from work! One of the perks of working in the schools :) The snow was beautiful until I realized it meant me stuck at home with nowhere to go (see I'm kind of a chicken about driving in snow) It wasn't too bad since I decided to stay at my parents house with my family! I really enjoyed that time with them :).

I started to get sick on Thursday and by Friday I was pretty horrible. :/ I had either some kind of stomach virus or food poisoning. I threw up so much and so hard that I popped blood vessels in my eyes and face...I look pretty scary. But since I was at my parents house my mom took care of me!! It was much better then being at my apartment by myself.

So I'm back at work today. I hope the students are good since they will just be coming back from their 3 week break!

Oh and for the best news of the week. My friends Chris and Leslie Johnson are going to have baby. YAY

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So I am so blessed. I was just thinking over 2009 and realized how great I have it. I mean I have a wonderful family that loves and supports. I have a wonderful group of friends who mean the world for me. And the organization I work for is amazing.
I mean of course 2009 had its ups and downs just like every year. There were some days where I felt nothing was going right. And then there were days like the one I had recently where I got to spend a whole day with my wonderful cousin Sarah!!
So many things happend in 2009...American Idol Auditions, friends having beautiful babies, making wonderful friends that I know I will have for life, trying to give up coffee (yeah that didn't work), some of my very best friends getting married! There were also things that happened that are sad to think about like my cousin Hannah who died in a car accident this summer. And people that I love dearly moving away.
As I think back on 2009 I realize that no matter what has happened God is amazing and he has a plan for my life. I'm looking forward to what 2010 has to hold.

Im a blogger

So everyone seems to be getting a blog, so I thought....why not! Honestly I don't really know what I am going to write about. I don't really consider myself a creative person. Ex: my co-workers named my blog haha. Well about the only thing on my mind right now is how the weather is CRAZY cold! Thursday and Friday we are suppose to be in the negatives. I have never experienced that before. And I'm a little excited for more snow. I love snow I just don't like driving in it.
And for the sad news. My very good friends Adam and Kimber Ricks are going moving today. Sad Day I know! I wish Adam the best of luck at Seminary! North Carolina is lucky. I will miss you guys.